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Variety packs from 12 to 96 pounds, lean hamburger and more...

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We sell the highest quality lean grass-fed beef on the market at the most reasonable prices.

If you’re only looking for a little bit, ground beef, steak, and roasts are available by the pound.

If you’d rather buy in bulk, we sell variety packs in quantities as small as 12 pounds and as large as 96 pounds. Your variety pack will include half the weight in ground beef, and half the weight in other cuts. Specific cuts can be requested via email when you send in your order. Organ meats can also be included by request.

Variety Pack pricing is as follows:

12 lbs for $99
24 lbs for $179
48 lbs for $339
96 lbs for $639

You can download our order form for all cuts and variety packsĀ here. Order by emailing our sales director at jessie.bergenblick@verizon.net.