Wholesale FAQ’s


What is Bergenblick Farm’s wholesale price?

Bergenblick Farm offers wholesale beef for $3.50/lb hanging weight.


What sort of portions of animals do you offer in wholesale?

We offer ¼, ½, and whole animals in wholesale.


How many pounds of meat will I get in my wholesale order?

On average, our animals yield roughly 250 pounds of meat after processing. Based on that, a ½ animal will yield 125 pounds, and a ¼ animal will yield around 62 pounds.


When can I order wholesale?

Wholesale ordering is available only when we have scheduled a slaughter. This happens roughly once every two months, with some variation. If you need to order in bulk when we are not taking wholesale orders, consider purchasing one of our variety packs.


How can I find out when Bergenblick Farm is taking wholesale orders?

You can find out when we are taking wholesale orders by signing up for our mailing list [link]. This mailing list is used primarily to contact customers interested in wholesale to let them know when we are slaughtering next.


How do I place a wholesale order?

When you receive an email informing you of our next slaughter date, simply respond to the email with your name and the portion you would like to order. We will put you in touch with our local butcher in Spring Mills, and you can customize your cuts. You will pay us the hanging weight fee, and pay the butcher for processing. You will be responsible for picking up your wholesale order.


What is included in a wholesale order?

A wholesale order will include a proportion of all cuts from the animal, rather than one physical section of an animal. For example, a ¼ animal will include ¼ of all the ground beef, roasts, and steaks produced by that animal.